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We are a leading provider of online payment services and e-Commerce solutions. As a holding company, we provide our services through 3 subsidiaries, including VeriTrans and ECONTEXT, two major online payment service providers in Japan.

Corporate Profile

Company Name econtext Asia Limited
Established September 2012
Main Business Online Payment Solutions
e-Commerce Solutions
Online Shopping Malls
Overseas Marketing
Board of Directors
  • Director, President & Chairman Kaoru Hayashi
  • Director Keizo Odori
  • Director Makoto Soda

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About our business

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Group companies

econtext Asia Group
  • econtext Asia limited - デジタルガレージグループ 決済事業統括グローバルヘッドクォーター
  • VeriTrans Inc. - オンライン決済のリーディングカンパニー
  • ECONTEXT, INC. - オンラインとオフラインを結ぶコンビニ決済のパイオニア
  • NaviPlus Co., Ltd. - レコメンドエンジンを主力としたサイト支援ツールの販売等


2015.04 Acquired shares of a joint venture, Sendo JSC, a leading marketplace operator in Vietnam.
2013.12 Listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. (Delisted, 2015.6)
2013.11 Acquired shares of Citrus Payment Solutions Pte. Ltd., a major online payment solution provider in India.
2012.09 econtext Asia Limited was established in Hong Kong as the group’s intermediate holding company.
2012.04 VeriTrans joined Digital Garage Group.
2000.05 ECONTEXT, Inc. was established as a joint venture among Digital Garage, Inc., Lawson, Inc., Mitsubishi Corporation and TIS Inc.
1997.04 VeriTrans Inc. was established under the former name of CyberCash K.K.

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